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• ^ "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for GameCube". GameRankings. Archived from the original on 21 August 2010 . Retrieved 7 June 2010. • What are some techniques Heller uses to express the absurdity of the Catch-22 world? On the plot level? On the structural level? Read more 8 • In addition to the MLA, Chicago, and APA styles, your school, university, publication, or institution may have its own requirements for citations. Therefore, be sure to refer to those guidelines when editing your bibliography or works cited list. Introduction }, {}]; only way to exit the dungeons, but it's tough. Quirrel has cursed the 1º J.M.M. Caminero, Soliloquios o Cuadernos o Ensayos o Enciclopedia Filosofía (43 volúmenes o tomos, 42.900 páginas/pages, contiene aproximadamente/approximately 23.000.000 palabras/words) . Español o castellano. make me say it again. Anyway, this -- this wizard, about twenty years tank Dudley had once driven over the next door neighbor's dog; in the • A bomber pilot in the squadron who is continually being shot down and having to crash land in the sea. Described as "a warm-hearted, simple-minded gnome," Orr is the only person in the group considered to be crazier than his good friend Yossarian, with whom he shares a tent. Orr appears to take great joy in thoroughly confounding those around him by being completely nonsensical, however this is later revealed to most likely be a part of his escape plan. He is declared ' missing in action' halfway through the novel after crashing his plane in the Mediterranean, but by the end it's revealed that he had rowed to the neutral zone in Sweden to escape the army. At this point, Yossarian realizes that Orr's constant crashes had been part of his plan and his survival inspires Yossarian to finally flee the army. Spell In the book, Michaela’s rape and murder has a dual function: to illustrate the hypocrisy of Aarfy’s protective attitude toward women (he refuses to pay for sex and often “protects” women from fellow officers in the hopes that his nobility will later pay off), but mainly to reflect the perversity of a military institution driven by such inhumane ends. Davies and Michôd re-create the scene from the book when the military police raid the apartment following Michaela’s death. Yossarian expects that they’re coming to arrest Aarfy, but it turns out that they’re really there for him because he went AWOL. They leave Aarfy in the apartment and subsequently vindicate his own belief that he could commit such a horrific act and get away scot-free. After all, they’re not gonna put good ol’ Aarfy in jail. half-moon glasses. "It would be enough to turn any boy's head. Famous • The Soldier in White An unnamed soldier wrapped completely in bandages. He is connected to two bottles of unidentified and similar looking liquid, one of which pumps the liquid through an IV into the soldier, while the other drains the liquid from the soldier through a zinc catheter. When the bottles are respectively empty and full, they are switched around. Dunbar claims there is actually no one under the bandages. It is understood later that the men avoid this soldier because they dislike the fact that he's worse off than they are. He eventually dies without anyone realizing. One of Yossarian's crew members. He turns around the plane when Yossarian claims that he cannot hear him. Later, he is sliced in half by McWatt when the latter flies his plane just a few inches above the water. McWatt

Best Composer Milo's planes were a familiar sight. They had freedom of passage everywhere, and one day, Milo contracted with the Amercian military authorities to bomb the German-held highway bridge at Orvieto and with the German military authorities to defend the highway bridge at Orvieto with antiaircraft fire against his own attack. His fee for attacking the bridge for America was the total cost of the operation plus six percent, and his fee from Germany for defending the bridge was the same cost-plus-six agreement augmented by a merit bonus of a thousand dollars for every American plane he shot down. -80.4% The films were great, but also very lacking, I think it would much better as a TV show to be honest as there’s so much content. But that would restrict the money available for CG even more. Brad • Search The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe This novel is set during the second half of World War II. Yossarian, a soldier, is stationed on the island of Pianosa, with his Air Force squadron. He is near the Italian coast in the Mediterranean Sea. Yossarian and his friends have an absurd existence that seems out of a nightmare. Their lives are defined by violence and bureaucracy. They aren’t seen as fully human but rather resources by their ruthlessly ambitious superior officers. The squadron is pushed thoughtlessly into violent combat situations and bombing expeditions in which it is seen of more importance to the squadron to get high-quality aerial photographs of explosions than to actually hit their targets. The colonels continue to increase the number of missions that the men need to fly before they will be sent home. This means that no one is ever given the chance to go home. Yet there seems to be no one other than Yossarian who seems to understand there is a war occurring. People think he is insane when he declares that there are millions of people who want to kill him. GBA: Only Harry goes in the Forest.

"He went to war," the fighter pilot with the golden moustache surmised. Catch-22 literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Catch-22 by author Joseph Heller. • Bicentennial Man (1999) Me: The sleepwalking scene in that movie is pure genius! $130 million enraged to see that a couple of them weren't young at all; why, that man Ron has defeated most of the pieces on the four boards, but you need to • Czech writer Arnošt Lustig recounts in his book 3x18 that Joseph Heller told him that he would never have written Catch-22 had he not first read The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek. [11] Report GameRevolution I’m revisiting this thread because of the email notifications I had to say how many more comments there are on it. I’m amazed at the interest and passion here over what seems to be a really mundane question. How long should your novel be? As long as it takes to succinctly tell your story. How long do publishers think your novel should be? Somewhere between 70,000 and 90,000 words. Unless they think your 40k or 500k masterpiece is so good they’ll miss out by not publishing it. That’s it. window.modules["89"] = [function(require,module,exports){"use strict";const $window=window,$visibility=require(5);var LazyLoader=function(i,t,s,e=null){this.wrapper=i,this.img=t,this.sources=s,this.visibility=new $visibility.Visible(i,{preloadThreshold:2*$window.innerHeight}),this.callback=e};LazyLoader.prototype={init:function(){this.visibility.preload?this.onPreload():this.visibility.on("preload",this.onPreload.bind(this))},onPreload:function(){this.callback?(this.callback(),this.fadeIn(),this.onShown()):(this.setImgSrc(),this.addImgLoadListener())},setImgSrc:function(){this.img.setAttribute("src",this.img.getAttribute("data-src")),this.sources&&this.sources.forEach(function(i){i.setAttribute("srcset",i.getAttribute("data-srcset"))})},addImgLoadListener:function(){this.img.complete?this.onImageLoad():this.img.addEventListener("load",this.onImageLoad.bind(this))},onImageLoad:function(){this.visibility.seen?this.onShown():this.visibility.on("shown",this.onShown.bind(this))},onShown:function(){this.fadeIn(),this.visibility.destroy()},fadeIn:function(){var i=this.wrapper;i.classList.remove("hidden"),i.classList.add("fade-in-element"),setTimeout(function(){i.classList.remove("fade-in-element")},2e3)}},module.exports.LazyLoader=LazyLoader; • Horror $870 • Nearly Headless Nick (voiced by David Coker), is a friendly ghost who is nearly headless and is also the ghost of Gryffindor House.

• Quidditch Armour... • Adventures in Babysitting (1987) The magic of books is back and , I believe, to stay.. PS5 Event Rescheduled, Hints to Bungie's Next Game Sega Reveals Game Gear Micro, CoD Seasons Postponed PS5 Reveal Delayed, Mystery NES Game Reconstructed Street Fighter Gets Final Season, PS5 Reveal Coming Soon? Sony Gives a Freebie, More Last of Us Gameplay Footage GTA Reaches Milestone, New Game Plus is Latest E3 Alternative More News... Encyclopaedia of Potterworld (potentially cancelled) 18 August 2002 SAT Lords of Shadow on the Xbox 360 • Hogwarts Express But with its nonlinear narrative, bitingly satirical tone and an unfortunate misogynistic streak, it’s also tricky source material — as Nichols discovered when his film had the misfortune of coming out months after Robert Altman’s similarly themed “M*A*S *H.” (A CBS pilot starring Richard Dreyfuss also fizzled in 1973.) 12 George Clooney and Hugh Laurie star in Channel 4 take on Catch-22 anti-War drama | Contact this seller 1. Chapter 42 7 April 2002 In total, the film earned $978 million at the worldwide box office, $318 million of that in the US and $659 million elsewhere, [5] which made it the second-highest-grossing film in history at the time, [95] as well as the year's highest-grossing film. [96] As of 2020 [update], it is the unadjusted 47th highest-grossing film of all-time, [97] and the second-highest-grossing Harry Potter film to date after Deathly Hallows – Part 2. [98] Box Office Mojo estimates that the film sold over 55.9 million tickets in the US. [99] Critical response [ edit ] Foster Parent Diary Whether Our Foster Child Stays or Goes, He Is Loved Asia Customer Service +------------------+ were two tiny pinpricks in the distance, which were the eyes of the cat Dudley came waddling toward them as fast as he could. • Armed Services this is ridiculous . I read the whole series this summer and I didn't get scared at all . the only problem is that the books are long. • physiographic • ^ Linder, Brian (22 March 2001). "Cleese Talks Harry Potter". IGN. Archived from the original on 4 June 2020 . Retrieved 4 June 2020. Nately was a sensitive, rich, good-looking boy with dark hair, trusting eyes, and a pain in his neck when he awoke on the sofa early the next morning and wondered dully where he was. His nature was invariably gentle and polite. He had lived for almost twenty years without trauma, tension, hate, or neurosis, which was proof to Yossarian of just how crazy he really was. His childhood had been a pleasant, though disciplined, one. He got on well with his brothers and sisters, and he did not hate his mother and father, even though they had both been very good to him. • ^ a b c "Drawn to cinema: An interview with Stuart Craig". Beat Magazine. 30 October 2010. Archived from the original on 24 December 2013 . Retrieved 30 September 2012. • About J.K. Rowling is the author of the record-breaking, multi-award-winning Harry Potter novels. Loved by fans around the world, the series has sold over 500 million copies, been translated into over 80 languages, and made into eight blockbuster films. She has written three companion volumes in aid of charity: Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (in aid of Comic Relief and Lumos), and The Tales of Beedle the Bard (in aid of Lumos), as well as a screenplay inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which marked the start of a five-film series to be written by the author. She has also collaborated on a stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two, which opened in London’s West End in the summer of 2016, and on Broadway in the spring of 2018. In 2012 J.K. Rowling’s digital company Pottermore was launched, where fans can enjoy news, features, and articles, as well as original content from J.K. Rowling. She is also the author of The Casual Vacancy, a novel for adult readers, and the Strike crime series, written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. She has received many awards and honours, including an OBE and Companion of Honour, France’s Légion d’honneur, and the Hans Christian Andersen Award. • Thriller • ^ Kulkani, Dhananjay (23 June 2004). "Emma Watson, New Teenage Sensation!!". Buzzle. Archived from the original on 29 June 2012 . Retrieved 3 August 2007. American Cinema Editors Ray, have you considered breaking it up into two parts. I see so many people concerned with word count, and not enough emphasis on quality content. Things to consider are how you are going to publish and what is your target audience. If you are going to self publish, then you have the final say how many words you wish to have in your novel. As long as the story is engaging, it wont mater how many words are in it. Many times I find that novels are too short, especially if they are well written. They leave me wanting more, but always drop me off at the magical 100,000 word count. them by moving so that it hits the mirror. The second is reccomended. After he • How To : • 1,300 Free Online Courses 2 window.modules["926"] = [function(require,module,exports){var overArg=require(927),getPrototype=overArg(Object.getPrototypeOf,Object);module.exports=getPrototype; • Binge Guide volume = {46}, 177,679 Fuller House all sorts of rubbish -- spell books and wands and --" • Featured If you can't quite wait until Thursday, then here's a sneak peak of what to expect from the official trailer: Transparent Preventing me from editing as I write is both a positive and negative. Many times something I write “in the moment” doesn’t turn out to be necessary later on down the road, sometimes the very next day. By not going back and immediately editing out something I know is superfluous to my novel, is it helping or hurting? Granted, I could always mark it in red or with a comment or highlight and come back later, after NaNo, to remove it, but isn’t that more work? Shouldn’t I just delete it as soon as I know it won’t work? The Blacklist Apr 5, 2002 So?" • Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts • MATH $975,047,606 game $234,792,000 While the military's enemies are Germans, none appears in the story as an enemy combatant. This ironic situation is epitomized in the single appearance of German personnel in the novel, who act as pilots employed by the squadron's Mess Officer, Milo Minderbinder, to bomb the American encampment on Pianosa. This predicament indicates a tension between traditional motives for violence and the modern economic machine, which seems to generate violence simply as another means to profit, quite independent of geographical or ideological constraints which creates a military–industrial complex. [7] Heller emphasizes the danger of profit-seeking by portraying Milo without "evil intent." Milo's actions are portrayed as the result of greed, not malice. [8] Characters [ edit ] • Physics. Provided by: Wikipedia. Located at: License: CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike If it hasn’t occurred to you that “Catch-22" was the first great American novel on the Vietnam War before we knew what was happening there, consider this berserk little scene that I witnessed one day at an Army base far from Saigon. A young Army psychiatrist, clearly a forlorn draftee like so many others, was having brief sessions with enlisted men who felt they were losing their wits and needed to talk. It was an exercise in futility. At Home With Amy Sedaris Head back to the main room. Walk up to the cauldron to make a switch appear, and 5 Replies, 7298 Views • First-floor empty classroom (II) (GBA version only) $23,642,327 • Hàn Quốc "All what?" asked Harry. Hello good reader, it is I! TripleyJumply. Bringing you another pathetically Nov 22, 2001 Right before the Troll "I heard him," Yossarian replied."I heard him say very loudly and very distinctly that he wants every one of us to keep our mouths shut if we know what's good for us." Dirty John a whore from Rome and woos her constantly, despite her continued • ^ "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (GC)". Nintendo Power. 176: 149. February 2004. Once through the Gargoyle Gate, you will see a potion. If you got I didn't grow up with Harry Potter. Not because I didn't get to, but because I chose not to. I know, it's like living a life where everything has been a lie. Worse even. It's just, the movies would appear on my tv. From the first one, to the next and the next, and every time I saw the trailer for the upcoming one, I wouldn't be interested and would skip it when I came to it. I wouldn't bother and wouldn't care, and that made a big problem in my life now. Here I am now, being left out because of such poor choices and decisions I made when I was 7, 8, 9, and older until now. But now, as 2016 and having over 500 friends that are caught up and have read the recently published novel, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I have finally read the first book and am able to continue the series and watch the films. Now, here I am, wishing to go back to my past and change this nightmare and actually watch the films or read the books because I have literally missed on so much, missed too much, and have been missing too much. I have been out of this world and never realized how good it is, and how special it already has become. • • Record Labels school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world. Seven years there and he Harry's other best friend and the trio's brains. Watson's Oxford theatre teacher passed her name on to the casting agents and she had to do over five interviews before she got the part. [11] Watson took her audition seriously, but "never really thought [she] had any chance of getting the role." [9] The producers were impressed by Watson's self-confidence and she outperformed the thousands of other girls who had applied. [12] • Scoob! • Worldwide box office earnings: $1.3 billion First, there was a children’s book. Then, there was a whole fantasy world waiting for people to find its written form. Not long after, Warner Bros. came up with the excellent idea to turn J.K. Rowling’s novels into a movie, or better yet, a franchise. • ^ "Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson Bring Harry, Ron and Hermione to Life for Warner Bros. Pictures "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone "". Warner Bros. 21 August 2000. Archived from the original on 4 April 2007 . Retrieved 26 May 2007. You are all so rediculus my son read all of them kindergarten through first grade. Wait until they want to read them and than let them. The only inappropriate thing in Harry Potter is some language in the 6th and 7th book. I feel like common sense has no common sense. If you listen to them I am warning you they will distroy everything with their bad warnings. • Critics Consensus […] People write some long novels. James Fenimore Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans is 145,469 words long. Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead 311,596. And, of course, as the king of long novels, Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace is 587,287. With most novels clocking in around 100,000 words (give or take 20,000), Tolstoy has arguably written six books in one, and Rand a one-book trilogy (with the shorter of her two most famous works). […] • All articles containing potentially dated statements read more English • Harry Potter Cast told me she liked my new earmuffs." Like the Windows version the game is a third-person action adventure game. However, the story is arranged in a completely different fashion to the PC version, and features different story events and gameplay. It was developed in the UK by Argonaut. Hidden Chests The book is dedicated to three female relatives of the author J.K Rowling: Jessica, her eldest daughter, Anne, her late mother, and Di, her sister. Only if you get all of the cards. }, {}]; Rescue the Kitten Nominated Children in this age group may also be disturbed by some of the above-mentioned images • ^ a b Krupp 2003 • In the PC/MAC version, The Forbidden Forest detention part is not included. $343,000 • ^ EGM staff (February 2002). "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (PS)". Electronic Gaming Monthly (151): 170. $975,047,606 That was the start of my Harry Potter life, and it set the scene for my love of reading and writing and hatred of discrimination in the future. catch the last report on the evening news: I would give it 5 stars, but the first 200 pages are really torture to get through, so for lack of being able to give a 4.5, I rounded down to 4 stars. Regardless, I can clearly see, however, why this classic is held in such high esteem. May we never go through another war like this again. I can also see some of the inspiration for Alan Alda for creating M*A*S*H in the 70s and, reading Fire In the Lake about Vietnam, we learned absolutely nothing from the errors that Heller describes. • Richard Griffiths He found what he was looking for in his inside pocket. It seemed to be a • Churchill War Rooms • Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts • Summoning Charm Towards the end of my tenure at Waldenbooks - as Oprah's book club was hitting its stride and Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was in its bazzilionth week on the New York Times best seller list - a book display arrived featuring a buzzy new title about a certain boy wizard. I remember the display at the front of the store, and selling a few copies, but I didn't realize what it would become. 'You could be great, its all here in your head, and Slytherin would help you on Newsletters • During a mission briefing, Yossarian begins moaning with desire for a woman. His moans get louder and louder until all the men echo it. "That's the one you were referring to, sir. 'The Lord is my shepherd; I -'" Cheatbook-DataBase 2020 | J.K. Rowling film • Physico-philosophy Harry Potter contains some low level coarse language, name calling and put-downs in this movie, including: Harry had gone very white. As soon as he found his voice he said, "Blown About this Item: Simon and Schuster, 1961. Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good. 1st Edition. A very good first printing (so stated on the copyright page) in a very good dust jacket, signed by Joseph Heller on a page tipped-in after the front free endpaper. Housed in a custom-made collector's slipcase. Seller Inventory # 1508155 dream or even a cartoon -- they seemed to think he might get dangerous Me: I'm sure the reason I don't laugh or enjoy myself when I'm with you has more to do with my own flaws than with yours. 38 About this Item: Knopf Everyman's Library, New York, New York, 1995. Hardcover. Condition: Fine. Dust Jacket Condition: Fine. First Thus. Fine in Fine, Flawless, Signed in archival protection. Signed by Author(s). Seller Inventory # 044968 She picked up the first book in the series: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. • Book Awards How to Build a Girl - 7.3.6 • JP Gamecube Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Xbox 2003) COMPLETE! - RARE! - AUTHENTIC $1,656 The presence of the Sorcerer’s Stone in Hogwarts also adds an element of mystery and suspense to the plot, as well as adventure and horror. Instead of just a novel about a young boy’s first year at magic school, the text becomes more about Harry’s detective skills and the race against time to find the Sorcerer’s Stone before Voldemort than a description of magic courses and class assignments. By introducing the mysterious package at the very beginning of Harry’s exposure to the world of magic and then incorporating it later in the plot, Rowling artfully constructs a narrative thread that is integral to the entire web of the story. humbled before the complexity of the wizards’ world. It is important • ^ a b Jensen, Jeff; Fierman, Daniel (14 September 2001). "Inside Harry Potter". Entertainment Weekly. p. 1. Archived from the original on 24 January 2008 . Retrieved 7 February 2010. Yossarian AdChoices • Philosophy prefect here and hide. Then go left after he passes you. Go down and through $317,871,467 Lord Voldemort(part 2)- window.modules["choreographer.client"] = [function(require,module,exports){"use strict";const cookie=require(37),_get=require(48),_omit=require(75),{insertSpeedBumpComponents:insertSpeedBumpComponents}=require(72),{generateGrowl:generateGrowl}=require(73),gtm=require(3),{getLocalStorage:getLocalStorage,setLocalStorage:setLocalStorage}=require(14),{reportPaywall:reportPaywall}=require(50),{getClientHistory:getClientHistory,updateClientHistoryWithPageData:updateClientHistoryWithPageData}=require(74),auth0=require(12),{Scenario:Scenario}=require(70),cidReadyEvent="nymcid-set",cidKey="nymcid",logger=require(71).Logger(()=>getLocalStorage("show_choreographer_logs"));function displayDebug(e=""){if("entitlement"!==e.split("#").pop())return;const t=_get(window,"dataLayer[0].userDetails",{}),o=_get(window,"dataLayer[0].pageDetails.featureTypes",""),n=o.includes("magazine")?"magazine":"",r=o.includes("feature")?"featured":"",i="Value of Article: "+(n||r||"article"),a=_get(JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("auth0:profile")),""),l="Authentication Status: "+(a?"authenticated":"unauthenticated"),c="Entitlement Status: "+(!!a&&a.has_subscription?"entitled":"unentitled"),s=Object.keys(_omit(t,"newYorkMediaUserID")).map(e=>`${e}: ${t[e]}`),g=document.body,u=document.createElement("div"),d=document.createElement("ul");[i,l,c,...s].map(e=>{const t=document.createElement("li");return t.classList.add("debug-item"),t.appendChild(document.createTextNode(e)),t}).forEach(e=>{d.appendChild(e)}),d.classList.add("data-bullets"),u.classList.add("debug-choreographer"),u.classList.add("display-debug-data"),u.appendChild(d),g.appendChild(u)}function initializeChoreographer(e){const t=e.getAttribute("data-site-slug"),o=pageShouldCountAsView(t),n=auth0.isSubscriber();return t?getClientId(cidKey,8e3).then(e=>(logger.h1("Choreographer initialized"),logger.log(`clientId: ${e}`),logger.log(`page counts as a view: ${o}`),window.nymViewsResponse||(o?updateClientHistoryWithPageData(e,t):getClientHistory(e)))).then(r=>{if(,logger.h2("Client history"),logger.table(r),logger.groupEnd(),isNCR())return;const{scenarios:i,touts:a}=readJSONFromScript(e.querySelector("script")),>Scenario(e,r,t,n)).filter(e=>(,logger.h2("Evaluating scenarios"),logger.log(e),logger.groupEnd(),e.shouldShow)).reduce((e,{action:t,min:o,count:n})=>{const r=a.find(({value:e})=>e===t);return!r||e[r.type]?e:(e[r.type]=r,e[r.type].viewCount=n-o,e)},{});,logger.h2("Active Touts"),logger.log(l),logger.groupEnd(),executeTouts(e,o,l,r)}).catch(console.error):console.error("siteSlug not found.")}function documentIncludesComponent(e){return document.querySelector(`[data-uri*="/${e}/"]`)}function pageShouldCountAsView(e){return"strategist"===e||!documentIncludesComponent("product")}function executeTouts(e,t,o={},n){const{global:r}=n,i={||0,standardArticleCount:r.Article||0,featureArticleCount:r.Feature||0,magazineArticleCount:r.Magazine||0};if(t&&o["content-cliff"])cliff(findTemplate(e,"content-cliff"),o["content-cliff"],o["content-cliff"].viewsLeft,n);else{if(o["growl-newletter"]||!o["promo-growl"])return o["speed-bump"]&&insertSpeedBumpComponents(findTemplate(e,"speed-bump"),o["speed-bump"],i),o["warning-growl"]&&shouldWarn()?(setContentCliffWarningDisplayed(),logger.log("should show warning"),void growlManager(findTemplate(e,"warning-growl"),{contentClass:"warning-content",title:o["warning-growl"].warningGrow tosh • Biography H Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actor • Samsung Galaxy A70 The voices featured in Philosopher's Stone have a likeness provided by the cast of the film adaptation. The voice cast features Joe Sowerbutts as Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle; Gregg Chillin as Ron Weasley and Lee Jordan; Emily Robinson as Hermione Granger; Allan Corduner as Snape, Filch, and Flitwick; David de Keyser as Albus Dumbledore, Quirinus Quirrell, and Lord Voldemort; and Gary Fairhall as the narrator. • Careers couldn't. He couldn't kill that little boy. No one knows why, or how, 6